____===The Bahd boy dairy__  

Part One
   This is my 1st public broadcast so pls don't fuck dis up. Hey am mubarak  am 16 years old. Am telling yal d shit that happened to me this week the Good and d bad.                                 Let's start with the bad. I lied to my mum that I was having headaches so she told me to rest, I was like 😜😎.
  Yeah that how I felt cause pussy was coming my way. Told 1 big ass babe to come to my house, she came, she even bought my favourite food plantain. So she was frying d plantain I started doing those stuff I see in all dis African home video I started holding her waist, kissing d neck and shit. When d plantain  was ready she took it to my room. When she entered she was like am cold cause my a.c was on I was like oshey. I dropped my food sharperly so we started kissing she got naked we went to d shower damn. It was epic as we got out d bae just change her mind say she's not in d mood. Is not like she's that fine sef, she no even shave ( I hate dat stuff d hair always irritates me) but my dick was to hard mehn d konji was massive I swear.. I beg her..beg her she dey form princess..I was just to vexed I wore my boxers sat down on d bed dey press laptop but I was still smiling so it won't be like am not mature. U know girls na. She go just start to tell her friends stuffs that re not true and me am an O.G so am always very chilled. She just started to yarn rubbish saying shit bla bla bla. I wasn't even listening cause I was just to angry to listen to thrash but still I was still responding to some shit she said. I just remembered my food I was even a little bit happy, mehn as I wan chop d food like this, it was like I was removing something from dip freezer  chaii I felt like crying my heart beat started to increased cause I was vexing d more. I just started listening to music I felt a little bit better. She was saying shit that I should follow her to d gate and d estate gate is very far to my house I told her that I was tried I even gave her 2k for transport d bae no free me until I wear cloth follow her reach gate that was fucked up...... follow me on     I.G @barrack_lee and Twitter @barrack_lee snapchat... bar_rack

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